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Banned Books Week: Milner Celebrates the Freedom to Read 

two rows of books on shelves at Milner Library

Check out Banned Books Week September 27 through October 3 with Milner Library

During the week of September 27 through October 3, Milner Library is joining libraries nationally to celebratBanned Books Week. This annual observance promotes our freedom to read as well as highlights past and present challenges to censor books in libraries and schools. The national theme this year is “Censorship is a Dead End. Find your Freedom to Read. Milner Library values free and open access to information, and we hope this week’s event will inspire folks to consider the impact of Censorship is a dead end Celebrate your freedom to readBanned Books Week logocensorship. 

Throughout the week, Milner’s social media will highlight books that have been challenged or banned at libraries and schools throughout the country. Additionally, check out this collection of commonly banned or challenged books that you can borrow from the library to celebrate your freedom to read. This includes the list of 2019’s top ten most challenged books as determined by data gathered throughout the year by the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom

What are banned books? 

When a book is challenged, it means there is an attempt to remove or restrict materials based upon the objections of a person or group. A banned book means that the materials were removed. Books are still challenged today, although in the majority of cases books have remained available thanks in part to the efforts of librarians, teachers, students, and community members who stand up for our freedom to read. Learn more about the history of Banned Books Week.

Join Milner on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as we explore some of the banned books and celebrating the freedom to read!  Interested in learning more about banned and challenged books? Check out this FAQ from the American Library Association. 

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